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Eligibility Requirements For No More Nightmares Grants: EASTERN PA

• Assistance is awarded to individuals with a muscular dystrophy disease or the direct family of the affected individual.
• Applicants must demonstrate financial need and may be required to provide documentation.
• Applicants must reside in the United States. Applications from the Lehigh Valley area (PA) will be considered first.
• Applicants must request specific modifications or equipment to apply for a Laughing At My Nightmare grant.
• Examples of eligible items include upgrade and maintenance of wheelchairs, vehicle modifications (i.e., hand controls or lifts), small home modifications including ramp and lift installation, and other adaptive equipment or technology.
• Grants are disbursed directly to suppliers of the desired equipment or modifications. Individuals making the grant application are required to submit estimates from potential suppliers.


Application Instructions and Additional Information

Applicants must complete all questions of the applications in order to be considered for a Laughing At My Nightmare Grant, including providing contact information and estimates from at least two (2) suppliers and/or contractors for the equipment or renovations requested in the application.
Applicants will receive a confirmation e-mail when their application has been received. Additional requests (Written quotes from companies/contractors for modifications, financial information, etc.) will be made in email form from

Applications are accepted year-round.
Grants run on average of $2,000 – $5,000; there is no minimum award.

If granting is approved, Laughing At My Nightmare may request pictures and permission to share information related to the item granted. Names and location will be omitted. 

If granting is approved, Laughing At My Nightmare will follow up within 60 days to request completion of a short 3-minute survey related to the impact of the grant. 

Laughing At My Nightmare will review each request and make specific recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval. 


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