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Equipment Granting

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At Laughing at My Nightmare, Inc, we offer two adaptive equipment granting programs to the disability community, along with an academic scholarship program available to the muscular dystrophy community. 


No More Nightmares: The goal of No More Nightmares is to provide people living muscular dystrophy with important equipment and technology to keep them living awesome lives!

Learn more here

Tech-Cessibility: The goal of Tech-Cessibility is to provide adaptive equipment and assistive technology to people living with ANY disability.

Learn more here.

Academic Scholarship Program: Each year, 1-2 individuals living with muscular dystrophy are awarded the Laughing at My Nightmare Academic Scholarship to cover all tuition, fees, and course materials to obtain an undergraduate or graduate degree. Learn more here.

Our Programs in Action

Since 2015, Laughing at My Nightmare has supplied over $960,000 in assistance to the disability community! 

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