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At LAMN, we believe that disability and diversity should be celebrated and that we all have unique strengths, weaknesses, and abilities, and that's not just okay, it's beautiful. We believe the representation of disability and inclusion should be focused around light, moving forward, and teaching people that inclusivity is about making a real effort to understand the human experience of ALL people regardless of our differences.  

**Laughing At My Nightmare, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and all donations are tax-deductible.** 


This program supplies adaptive equipment such as medical equipment, vehicle adaptations, in-home lifts, adaptive technology, and much, much more to people living with muscular dystrophy!

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Gear Wheels
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Over $960,000 in adaptive equipment supplied

Over 300 recipients in the US

Over 73% of recipients live in low to moderate income households


Each year, LAMN supplies assistive technology to people living with any disability!

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Computer Monitor

Over $220,000 in assistive technology supplied since 2021

COVID-19 Resource Relief

During COVID-19, LAMN provided financial assistance to individuals living with any disability, diagnosis, or chronic illness. The purpose of the assistance provided was to help alleviate the burden of coronavirus-related quarantines and social distancing practices.


Over $170,000 in assistance supplied

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Over 1,700 recipients in the US


100% of assistance supplied to people in underserved minority groups

Scholarship Program

In 2024, Laughing at My Nightmare will be providing full-ride college scholarships to people living with muscular dystrophy. 

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