Eligibility Requirements For No More Nightmares Grants

*We do not recommend using a mobile device to complete this application*

The application is now closed.

Final decisions on all pending applications will be delivered to applicants by 11/15/21.

The Spring Application window will reopen in February 2022.



  • Please advise: you will not be able to save and come back to this application. In order to complete this application, the following items are required:

    • Proof of diagnosis on doctor's letterhead

    • A copy of a most recently filed tax return or SSI statement for the applicant or applicant's household

    • At least one quote from the vendor of choice for your requested item(s). PLEASE NOTE: a quote for the exact item requested is required in order for your application to be complete. If your application is approved, that exact item is what will be ordered. We cannot make changes to applications after they have been reviewed. Please make sure the quote(s) you are submitting with this application pertain to the EXACT item(s) requested

  • Assistance is awarded to individuals with a neuromuscular disease falling under the muscular dystrophy umbrella OR the direct family of the affected individual.

  • Applicants are required to provide a copy of a previously filed tax return for their household or any similar documentation. We anonymously track household income and geographical location of equipment grant recipients for impact reporting.

  • Applicants must reside in the United States. Applicants located in eastern Pennsylvania will be considered first.

  • Examples of eligible items include (but are not limited to) wheelchair modifications, technology (ie: computers, communication devices, “smart” devices like Amazon Echos, etc.), and other adaptive and medical equipment. Grant awards typically range $500-$13,000.

  • Grants are disbursed directly to the suppliers/vendors of the equipment, service, or modification. Applicants are required to submit 1-2 estimates from their vendor of choice. Laughing At My Nightmare does not provide cash grants towards reimbursements of previously purchased equipment or services.

  • Applicants must request specific modifications or equipment to apply for a Laughing At My Nightmare grant. If the application is approved, Laughing At My Nightmare cannot accommodate returns or exchanges for the equipment provided

Application Instructions and Additional Information

Applicants must complete all questions in the application in order to be considered for a No More Nightmares Equipment Grant.
Applicants will receive a confirmation e-mail when their application has been received. Additional requests (written quotes from companies/contractors for modifications, financial information, etc.) will be made in email form from info@laughingatmynightmare.com or sarah@laughingatmynightmare.com.

If your application is approved, you are required to complete a survey that you will receive via email 90 days after receiving your item(s). This survey takes about 5 minutes and it serves to help gauge the impact of the equipment provided.