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Tech-Cessibility Grants

Laughing at My Nightmare's Tech-Cessibility Program supplies assistive technology and adaptive equipment to people living with ANY disability.

2024 Grant Cycle 1:

April 1, 2024: Applications Open
May 2, 2024: Applications Close
June 6, 2024: Final Decisions Delivered

2024 Grant Cycle 2:

September 9, 2024: Applications Open
October 9, 2024: Applications Close
November 12, 2024: Final Decisions Delivered

  Eligibility Requirements​

  • Assistance is provided to individuals with any disability, diagnosis, or chronic illness. 

  • Payment for approved items will be made directly to the vendor. 

  • Applicants are eligible to apply for item(s) up to $5,000.

  • Proof of diagnosis/disability must have the applicants name clearly visible and is required (e.g. Doctor’s Note, Medical History Summary). THIS PROOF MUST BE A PDF FILE. Other file types will NOT be opened or reviewed. Due to limited resources, any application without this will not be considered. **WE ARE NO LONGER ABLE TO ACCEPT SOCIAL SECURITY INCOME STATEMENTS AS PROOF OF DISABILITY** 

  • Applicants must reside in the United States.​

  • We strive to accommodate as many applications as we can but, as a small nonprofit, our resources are limited while requests for assistance are not. ​​

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