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Since the inception of the No More Nightmares program, we've purchased hundreds of thousands of dollars in adaptive devices and worked with countless vendors.


Below you'll find some information and links to useful items and vendors we've worked with in the past that we feel are worth checking out if you're unsure of what it is you're looking for. 

Mount’n Mover by BlueSky Designs

Movable and highly customizable wheelchair mounting solutions—both manual and motorized mounts for a wide variety of devices.


Prairie View Industries Portable Single-fold Ramp

Lightweight, portable wheelchair ramp designed for single steps. Longer options also available!


ALINK Flexible Plastic Drinking Straws, Extra Long

Highly bendable and extremely lightweight plastic straws.


Adaptive Switch Laboratories

Switches, joysticks, and mounting options!


Portable transfer sling (primarily used for air travel)


Jamb Handle 

Door hardware that allows the closing of doors from the opposite side

Freedom Concepts

Adaptive bikes and chairs

RAM Mounts

Custom wheelchair mounts

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