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The Power of Positivity

Shane Burcaw is an author, entrepreneur, award-winning blogger, Emmy-winning producer, and motivational speaker. Shane and his business partner, Sarah, travel the country sharing the powerful idea that a positive mindset and a sense of humor can help anyone effectively overcome their challenges!

We're available for a variety of events, from corporate lunch-and-learns to conference keynotes to elementary school diversity assemblies. No matter the venue, one thing remains true: your audience will walk away with faces sore from laughter and hearts ready to live with more passion than ever before! 

Why hire us to speak?

We'll fill seats.

Shane is the writer of a world-famous blog and has created viral stories for major publications like Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, and MTV. His unique popularity means he already has a fanbase on your campus or in your office. Plus, people who would not otherwise attend an "awareness event" will come to see our comedic show.

We educate while we entertain.

With over 100 speaking engagements under our belts in just two years, we're experts on providing cold-hard takeaways for your audience, while also making them think, laugh, and cry. We speak about positivity, disability, inclusion, diversity, and more, but our main goal is always to ensure your audience has an unforgettable experience!

We're available for promotional interviews.

We'd be happy to speak with your PR team or student news organizations prior to our speech. We'll blast out anything you'd like to our hundreds of thousands of followers in support of the event!

Tell us about your event!

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“Shane, you were truly an inspiration today. You made me cry, and you made me laugh.”

– Melissa, BCIU #22 Educator


“I was very impressed with Shane’s ability to connect with high school and middle school audiences at Muhlenberg College’s Institute for Jewish-Christian Understanding’s Youth and Prejudice Conferences in 2014. In the evaluations for the conference, about half of the nearly 800 students he spoke to named Shane’s speech as their favorite part of a very packed day.”

– Marcie Lightwood, Muhlenberg College


“The Alpha Lambda chapter of Phi Delta Chi was so excited and honored to host Shane and the Laughing At My Nightmare team at the University of Connecticut. The presentation was hilarious, heart warming, and inspiring to say the least. Working with the LAMN team was a breeze, and they were extremely flexible and communicative when it came to the logistics of the event. We’re looking forward to working with Shane and the team again to hopefully bring them back next year for another presentation!”

– Heather Kutzler, University of Connecticut

"It was a joy to welcome Shane and Sarah into our community here at the Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center and the John A. Coleman School in Yonkers, New York. Their positivity was contagious and the staff still speaks about the inspiration they found from the visit! Shane and Sarah taught us that obstacles of any magnitude can be overcome with perseverance, patience and, of course, humor. We are so grateful for their invaluable insight.

- Allison Klein, John A. Coleman School

"I would strongly recommend that if you get a chance to listen to his inspirational story, please do so, it is eye opening."

- Robert Leshko, Lehigh Valley Health Network


Grab a copy of Shane's memoir, 

Laughing At My Nightmare, which was shortlisted for the YALSA Excellence in Non-Fiction Award!

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