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Medical Treatment Assistance

As science rapidly progresses, more cures and treatments are becoming available to people living with muscular dystrophy. It’s a fascinating, astounding time to be alive. But these treatments are no walk in the park. They require numerous trips to specific administering sites (think: big cities), hotel stays, time off of work, meals, gas, and more. Forget the fact that many treatments are exorbitantly priced; the out-of-pocket expenses alone can be the obstacle keeping individuals from receiving treatments. 


The purpose of the Medical Treatment Assistance (MTA) program is to provide travel/lodging/meal assistance to individuals living with muscular dystrophy in order to alleviate the burden of traveling for medical treatments. This assistance is provided in the form of one $500 Visa Gift Card to be used for gas, hotel stays, meals, and other expenses associated with traveling to receive medical treatments.

Eligibility Requirements For MTA Grant:


Please note: MTA Grants are intended for individuals and families receiving ongoing medical treatment that requires repeated travel to a treatment site.

• Assistance is awarded to individuals with a muscular dystrophy disease or the direct family of the affected individual. Proof of diagnosis is required (please see Requested Materials).


• Applicants must demonstrate financial need and may be required to provide documentation.


• Applicants must reside in the United States.


• Proof of treatment is required from applicant’s healthcare provider (please see Requested Materials).


• Applicants who are approved may reapply every 12 months.


Download your MTA Grant Application today and submit the completed copy to!  

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