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Skype with Shane!

A photo of Shane performing a virtual visit with an elementary school classroom

Shane Burcaw is the author of Not So Different, a children's picture book that answers everything kids want to know about living with a disability. Bring the author to your classroom for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for your students to learn from an expert in disability awareness! 


Thanks to our generous donors and sponsors, you can bring Shane to your class via webcam for a live Q&A with your students FOR FREE, plus Shane will share funny stories and teach important lessons about embracing differences and treating others with kindness and respect.


Book your space today for your class to laugh and learn with an author!

The Book: Not So Different

“This slim book packs a punch and can serve as a good introduction for students about people with disabilities.” ―School Library Journal

“Questions are posed . . and answered with blunt clarity and humor. Readers get to know [Shane] on many levels as really not so different at all.” ―Booklist

“Straightforward . . . Humorous . . . A candid, approachable resource for curious kids.” ―Kirkus Reviews

“Burcaw’s tone is breezy, matter-of-fact, and humorous, and he’s got an accessible and mischievous persona . . . The combination of approachable photographs and informative text makes this highly valuable for solving kids’ essential conundrum of wanting to understand a disability without rudely quizzing people.” ―Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

A photo of Shane Burcaw's book, Not So Different

Why bring Shane to your classroom?

Foster understanding and respect.


One of the most important ideas children can learn is that we are all different. We all have unique strengths, weaknesses, and abilities, and that’s not just okay, it’s beautiful. Exposing children to people from a variety of backgrounds provides them with the important lesson that all people should be treated with kindness and respect. Interacting with Shane will give your students valuable first-hand experience with someone who they may see as "different.”

Kids are curious about disability.


The most common question we receive from parents and educators is: "What should I do to help my child become more aware about people who live with disabilities?" Children are so curious when they see someone in public using a wheelchair, but it's difficult for many parents to answer the questions their children have. Our Not So Different programs are designed to let curiosity flourish in a safe environment where kids are encouraged to ask Shane anything they might wonder about his life and his disease.

We’ll educate while we entertain.


Not only will your students laugh along with Shane's silly pictures and funny stories, but they'll be learning about disability, acceptance, and diversity in the process. We've performed hundreds of school engagements across the country, and each time, educators are astounded by how positively their students respond to Shane's message.

The Packages

The packages

Skype Q&A

This package includes the following:

  • 20-minute Skype Q&A with Shane for each student to ask one question!

Skype Q&A + Book + Classroom Activities

This package includes the following:

  • 1 copy of Not So Different, autographed by Shane

  • Pre-Teaching Materials

  • 5 Printable Coloring Sheets

  • 1 Printable Post-Reading Worksheet

  • Discussion Questions

  • Access to a 12 minute video of Shane and his cousin, Sarah, reading Not So Different, complete with engaging animations

  • 30-minute Skype Q&A with Shane

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David McCaffrey - St. Philip School (Ontario, Canada)

“Thanks again for the talk! The kids are still buzzing today and telling all their friend about how they met you! Great program and I will recommend it to my colleagues.”

Elizabeth Mathews - Trek North (Minnesota) 

 “Thank you so much Shane for facilitating this amazing experience for our students. We really learned a lot and had some great conversations, not just with you, but also in our advisory class before and after our Q & A sessions. I'm sure the books will be used and read over and over again. The students gave us great positive feedback. They got a lot out of it.”

David Clark - Wild Rose Middle/High School (Wisconsin)

“Thank you again for taking time to meet with us. I had my class as well as many teachers and everyone was truly impressed with your talk. You have had a very positive effect on them, so thank you.”


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